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Soups and Salads

Pair your entrée with one of our soups and salads in Drums, PA. Our selection includes many popular favorites. We also serve appetizers and have a kids’ menu for kids 12 and under.

Homemade Soup

Soup of the Day

Cup or Bowl

Homemade Sweet Style Chili

Cup or Bowl

® Homemade French Onion

With croutons & topped with Mozzarella.

Roadhouse Chili

Our sweet style homemade chili, smothered in cheddar cheese and onions. Served with crispy tortilla chips.


Choice of Dressing

Italian, French, Ranch, Thousand Island, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic or Red Wine Vinegar & Oil, Honey Dijon, Balsamic Vinaigrette (Caesar, Parmesan Peppercorn & Bleu Cheese - extra)

Crispy Chicken Salad

Golden fried chicken fingers, lettuce, tomato, egg, cheddar cheese with croutons. (Buffalo style add .50 cent)

Montreal Charbroiled Chicken Salad

Charbroiled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, egg, cheddar cheese with croutons.

Montreal Charbroiled Steak Salad

Flat Iron Steak charbroiled to your liking, lettuce, tomato, egg, cheddar cheese with croutons.

Chef Salad

Ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato, egg, cheddar cheese with croutons.

® Antipasta Salad

Ham, salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomatoes, raw onion, banana peppers, on top of a bed of iceburg lettuce, topped with our house dressing.

Battered Shrimp Salad

Yuengling shrimp, lettuce, tomato, egg, cheddar cheese with croutons. (Buffalo style add .50 cent)

Dinner Salad

Lettuce, onion, tomato, croutons.

Shareable Appetizers


® Quesadillas - Steak, Chicken, or Pork BBQ (Vegetarian Available)

A blend of cheddar cheese, tomato and scallions with your choice of meat. Served with salsa and sour cream.


Three hard or softshell beef, or chicken tacos topped with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Served with sour cream & salsa.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Crispy, beer-battered cheese sticks, served with delicious marinara sauce.

Onion Rings

Crispy, beer-battered onion rings, served with tangy mustard dipping sauce.

Jalapeño Poppers

Breaded jalapeño peppers stuffed with cream cheese, served with salsa.


Delicious pierogies, served fried with salsa dipping sauce, or boiled with sautéed butter and onions.

Wings (6 or 12 count) / Boneless Wings (12 count)

12 of our crispy fried chicken wings topped in your favorite sauce. (Hot, Mild, Mild Garlic, Suicide, Butter and Garlic, Old Bay (dry rub), Barbeque, Honey BBQ, Honey Mild, Cajun (dry rub), Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki, Orange Ginger or Tangy Mustard.)


Potato Skins

Fried potato skins topped with choice of cheddar cheese, scallions & tomato, OR bacon and cheddar, OR chili and cheese.

Roadhouse South of the Border

Crispy tortilla chips smothered in our homemade chili, sprinkled with scallions and cheese, topped with salsa & sour cream.

Roadhouse Sampler

Taste it all - our crispy chicken fingers, mozzarella cheese sticks and onion rings, jalapeno poppers, along with French fries. Served with marinara sauce, tangy mustard & BBQ sauce.

Sliders - Meatball or Pork BBQ

Three meatballs with mozzarella cheese and marinara or Porl BBQ topped with cheddar.

Fries, French Fries, Waffle Fries, Sweet Potato Fries

With gravy, with cheese, or with cheese & bacon. (Extra)

Fried Ravioli

Cheese stuffed ravioli served with marinara.

Plain Mini Potato Cakes

Loaded Mini Potato Cakes

Topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, scallions and sour cream.

Loaded Chips

Tavern Style Pizza

Our locally made thick tavern crust, topped with pizza sauce & mozzarella.

12 Inch

(8 Cut)

7 Inch

(4 Cut)

Topping Extra $

Ham, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, onion, mushrooms, jalapenos, sweet peppers, banana peppers.


Kids’ Menu

Kids ages 12 and under.

  • Cheeseburger with Fries
  • Kids’ Pasta & Meatballs
  • Kids’ Pierogis
  • Chicken Fingers with Fries
  • Kids Tacos (2)
  • Plain Pizza
  • Kids’ French Fries
  • Kids’ Grilled Cheese with Fries

* Consuming raw or undercooked meat may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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